Our Parents’ Guide gives you all the info and contact details you’ll need

Whiz Team Adventure management aims to provide an effective learning experience of growth for all participants, within a fun and safe environment! Each participant or group of participants engaging in any Whiz event or activity organized is aware about his/her surroundings and is instructed to respect all peers educators and the environment. It’s not easy to send your kids outdoors for an afternoon, day or whole weekend for a Live In. However rest easy, you can rely on our team of professionals. We are very passionate, responsible, qualified and experienced. For Whiz, growth and safety are paramount. Another of our management’s principal is that to work hand in hand effectively with other third party professional instructors, academies and fully trained personnel! During our events supervision is carried out at all times, with medical attention and personal-care on-site! Whiz believes in 24-hours communication with parents and guardians, we endeavour to do so throughout Facebook, email or WhatsApp, respecting the data protection of everyone! We have also invested and revised our data protection policy that is compliant with GDPR procedures.

Transport and pick-up/drop-off options

During our Summer Programme we offer door to door transport; during our Winter Programme we offer optional transport from a central location to specified outdoor venues.

Getting in touch with us

Contact us directly on Facebook / WhatsApp or through our contact details.

Taking care of your kids

We invite parents/guardians to attend Whiz events, respecting kids independence and privacy. We also accept kids with special needs under supervision of learning educators

Feel free to contact us directly to hold a meeting and discuss our events, programmes and learn more about Whiz Team Adventure before enrolling within our team!

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