Whiz Wild

These events promote connection with nature. They also enhance collaboration, self-confidence and physical wellbeing.


Time: 2 – 3 hours

The group is divided into teams and a series of beach sports and team building activities in organized. Refreshments are provided to all students. A tournament is created which includes sports and team games on a sandy beach. At the end of the event the team with most points wins the Tournament.

This event is can be also organized as a Beach Night in the evening or as part of a Sports Festival!

Goals: Students enhance their communication and cooperation skills whilst having a lot of fun! We always include this event in our Programs.


Time: 3 hours

This activity is divided into three parts. During the first session, the group start a horse riding trek all together in beautiful natural locations. Throughout this walk, each participant will have the opportunity to ride a horse and guide one with a friend.

In the second part, the group will be given instructions and hands-on activities about Horse Breeding and how to maintain a stable, thanks to a local Agriculture firm. 

Goal: Educational event that gives students a hands-on learning experience about animals and environmental resources. Besides during Horseback riding will promote independence, confidence and leadership skills.


Time: 3 hours

The Group is divided into teams and given two main tasks. The first task consists of a series of Q&A, both Cultural and Environmental within a location of Heritage.

The second task consists in a hike within a beautiful nature site and a team building game in a sheltered area.

If the event is organized in Summer the group will finish on a sandy beach and have a swim!

Goals: Besides promoting Maltese Heritage and connection with nature, students enhance communication skills, cooperation, leadership and have a lot of fun!


Time: 3 hours

The group is given a short briefing about Outdoor Laser Tag, rules and safety measures. Then the group is divided into two teams and plays a series of games and tournament such as capture the base and domination.

This event can be organized within an Indoor Scenario – Jail Break!

Goals: Students gain confidence, enhance team work and have a lot of fun. We always include this event in our Program as students love it a lot


Time: 4 hours

The group is organized into three or more teams. Each team is supplied with all the resources needed to build a Raft. They are assisted by a instructors or scouts to support them to learn skills of tying ropes, knots etc.

The group is given an introductory briefing before the start about Sailing, the use of equipment, maneuvers and health & safety measures.

Goal: Besides the above-mentioned skills students enhance their coping skills and creativity, resilience, problem solving within a team, and have lots of fun!


Time: 3 hours

We choose to organize a Surfing or Stand up Paddle session depending on weather conditions (mainly wind) on the day after consulting relevant instructor.

The group is given a briefing at start about Surfing/SUP; technique, use of equipment and safety procedures. Then the group is divided into two teams. Team one starts Surfing/SUP whilst team two stays swimming at the beach. Then they rotate.

For the Surfing sport sessions only, the Instructor also creates a variety of team building games with Surf boards.

Goals: Students engage themselves with beautiful natural sea sites in Malta. They undergo a learning experience of either Surfing/SUP technique. All participants enrich their independence and confidence skills and fitness.


Time: 4 hours

The Group is divided into teams who have to race against time and each other. Each team start from the same location (example Buskett) and has to find the final destination (example Mosta) using compasses and map. During the Trek, each team will be receiving by sms a series of fun and creative tasks to perform.


The team to finish the race in the shortest time wins the event. At the end of each session, we serve everyone refreshments and nibbles. In events of large groups, we can also include Beach Games at the end of events finishing on a Beach.


Goal: This activity promotes fitness and teamwork. Besides learning new skills mentioned above, participants enhance their leadership and collaborative skills.

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